FAQS and Requirements


Requirements For Financing

  • Requirements For Bank Financing
  • Requirements For In-House Financing
  • Requirements For Antel In-House Financing

Bank Financing Requirements

Standard Application Requirements

1. Completely filled out application form
2. 3pcs. of 1×1 ID picture of borrower and spouse
3. Photocopy of 2 valid ID’s (passport, driver’s license, employee ID) of borrower and spouse
4. Community Tax Certificate of borrower and spouse (should not be expired)
5. Proof of Billing (Meralco, PLDT, other)
6.Tax Identification Number (TIN)
7. Birth Certificate
8. Marriage Contract

To be submitted if applicant is localy employed

1. Latest ITR

To be submitted if applicant is OFW


In-House Financing Requirements

In House (Initial Requirements)

1. Latest proof of income.
2. 3pcs. recent 1 x 1 I.D. pictures
3. Marriage Contract, Birth Certificate, or Separation papers (if needed)
4. Community Tax Cert. No.
5. Complete post dated check for Equity and Amortization
6. TIN

Additional Requirements for OFW

1. Initial requirements
2. Job Contract
3. Passport
4. Special Power of Attorney (SPA)
5. Valid I.D. of Attorney in Fact
6. 1 pc. I.D. picture of Attorney in Fact
7. Residence Certificate of Attorney in Fact


1. Initial Requirements
2. Affidavit of Income
3. Business Name and Permit
4. Passbook with 3 months maintaining balance
5. ITR

Information For?

  • Requirements For PDC account
  • Requirements For Meralco Application
  • Requirements For Water Application

Requirements For PDC – To Open Current / Checking Account

1.) Picture 3 pcs. 1×1
2.) Valid ID’s 3 pcs. photocopy (ex. SSS, Driver’s license, GSIS, Postal ID, Company ID, Passport, TIN, etc.)
3.) TIN (Tax Identification Number)
4.) Php 5,000 (Initial deposit to open an account)
5.) Php 340 (cost of checkbook)
6.) Bank Referral Letter- (Developer will issue the letter addressed to the bank upon request by the buyer or thru his/her Atty. in Fact)

Requirements For Meralco:

The following are the documents needed for individual
MERALCO application.

1.) Certification from PROFRIENDS.
2.) Contract to Sell (From profriends)
3.) VALID ID (of the unit owner)
Photocopy of any 1 of the following)
-(SSS, Driver’s License, TIN, PRC, GSIS,
Passport, Philhealth, Postal ID)
4.) Clearance to Move- In (From profriends)
5.) Electrical/ Wiring Permit (will be released from Engg office)
6.) Valid ID of the SPA- (Same as the above)
7.) Authorization to apply for Electric Service from Meralco- (to be provided by Engineering office)
8.) Electric Meter Fee- Php 2,700 (to be paid to MERALCO office)
NOTE: It takes 3weeks for the electric meter connection.

Requirements For Water

WATER Supply Connection:

1.) Certification from PROFRIENDS.
2.) Clearance to Move- In (From profriends)
3.) Water Meter Fee -Php 1,700
(To be paid to the WATER supply management office)


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